Running Club

Claudia Troppa, the Majorcan athletic champion, heads Cap Vermell Country Club’s new Running Club. This is a specialised sports programme that was created with the objective of helping those just starting to run or for improving your running technique.

The programme runs a weekly, one-hour session during which exercises are performed on joints and work is done on body coordination, posture and the efficiency of the running gait. The length of the stride, the behaviour of the upper body during the race, strength management and physical endurance are also analysed.

Once a month, all members are invited on an external outing to practise the sport, enjoying the natural surroundings at the same time.


  • Improves the cardiovascular and pulmonary system.
  • Keeps muscular tissues, ligaments and tendons in shape.
  • Regulates the appetite and aids digestions.
  • Increases sleep quality.
  • Fights cellulite.
  • Prevents osteoporosis.