What is a cookie? Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers sent and installed on a user'scomputing device through the web browser used in order to compile certain anonymousinformation for different purposes.

Some cookies are controlled and managed by the owner of the website; they're called "first-party cookies". Others are controlled and managed by third parties and are, thus, called"third-party cookies".

Cookies can be deleted or cancelled automatically when you finish browsing the website;these are called "session" cookies. Others may remain installed on your computer for a certainperiod of time; they're known as "persistent cookies".

The cookies we use at this site are statistical analysis cookies which make it possible to trackand analyse user behavior at websites. The information gathered using this type of cookie isused to measure the activity at the websites or on the application or platform and to preparebrowsing profiles for the users of those sites in order to add service improvements based onthe analysis of the data on the use made by the service users.

If you agree to their installation, a cookie in addition to the foregoing known as CVCCCookieswill be installed. The purpose is to remember the installation was authorised so the cookiesinformation does not reappear on the screen. This specific cookie will be saved on yourcomputing device for 365 days. The cookies notice will reappear on your screen after thattime. The same will happen if you decide to delete the cookies stored on your computingdevice at any time.

You may adjust your browser settings to reject or accept cookies (all or individually) or toautomatically delete them when you close your browser or turn off your computer or device.You may find more information on cookies settings for the main browsers at the followinglinks:

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