Tennis in Canyamel

There is nothing better than doing sports outdoors and what better if we invite you to visit our tennis courts with views of the Canyamel valley. You can make your reservation through our website or by phone.

They are hard courts, they have approved dimensions and artificial lighting for clients who wish to play tennis in Canyamel in the afternoons, after sunset.

If you already know how to play, we are waiting for you and if you want to learn, don't worry, at Cap Vermell Country Club we have qualified personnel to give private classes.

You no longer have excuses here we are waiting for you to enjoy Tennis in Canyamel!


  • Helps improve balance.
  • Improves strength and fitness.
  • Helps burn calories.
  • Improves mood.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Collaborate with your body and mind.